About Me

About Me

My name is Alessandra Vermillon,

and I am a Norwegian online Mistress.

I pride myself on being a kind and caring Mistress that values mutual respect above all else.

I respect you and your kinks and fetishes as long as you respect me back. Therefore I like getting to know my clients, slaves or not, and this way we can both ensure that you get a personally tailored experience you’re unlikely to forget!

I care about all my clients, and I will never overstep any boundaries, will that be financial or anything else, but I will test the said boundaries if the setting is right.

The life as an online Mistress kind of chose me, and I have loved almost every second of it!

This is a way for me to combine a lot of things I like and enjoy doing, like people, talking with people with different fetishes and kinks, design, photography, helping people, being creative, making things etc.

In other words; this is the only job/work that has ever made me happy - therefore I am also immensely passionate about the work that I do.

I love fetishes, and I embrace all of them – I think it’s an amazing and fascinating part of us humans. So please do not be afraid to ask about your fetish as I don’t judge anyone unless you want me to, and if I can’t help you I will kindly let you know, and why.

I am proud to say that I have helped people discover new fetishes and interests, get rid of a lot of toxicity in their life and arranged quite a few liberating experiences.

I truly and wholeheartedly believe that what I do is a kind of therapy you will not be able to get anywhere else than with a serious, strict and caring Mistress – like yours truly!

Please check out the page testimonials to hear what other slaves and clients have to say about me and my services!

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