Chastity & Keyholding

Chastity & Keyholding





"Chastity devices in BDSM may be used as part of a practice of orgasm control,

to prevent the wearer from engaging principally in sexual activities without the permission of the dominant, who acts as a keyholder"


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An Intro


Chastity. The ultimate way to show your devotion to your Goddess or Mistress.

Surrender your useless cock to my control, because you know it’s the only way.

The feeling you get upon being reminded that Mistress Alessandra owns you when you start getting bigger, but can't. That feeling is priceless.

It might excite you, and make being chaste even harder but you know it will be worth it in the end.

That sweet relief you get when finally being allowed to take your cage off again.

Being a good boy and staying chaste might earn you some rewards, but keep in mind that all inappropriate behavior will be punished.


Maybe you’re experienced with chastity and looking for a new keyholder, or maybe you’re completely new to this and curious about trying it out for the first time.

Either way, you found your way into my lair, so be careful. You might just get locked in..


There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to keyholding and chastity, and by the end of this page, you might have a pretty good idea of what exactly it is that you desire. Even though there are a lot of different pre-chosen alternatives to choose from it is important to remember that your «stay» will be fully tailored to

every person. What’s good for someone else, might not be right for you, so please, read all information and get to a decision that is right for you.



Basic Information


If you just wish to learn more about chastity, or if your intention is to try and become one of my chastity slaves, 

please make sure that you read everything below.

First of all: the cage


If you’re experienced with cages you know all you need to know, and you probably have the right one for you already.

But if you’re new to this you might never have even touched a cage before, or you’re in the middle of a period of trial and error. Your cage might be uncomfortable, rubbing you the wrong way (pun absolutely intended), pinching your skin, making your skin sore, etc.

It is oh so important to get a good quality cage. Your dick might be pathetic and useless, but your cage should be fit for a king.

I can not stress this enough! If your cage pinches your skin every second step you make, it won't take long before that little sore spot turns into broken skin – if it doesn’t happen after a few pinches already.

I have had chastity slaves that ordered a cheap cage on Amazon, and all I could do was advising them not to, and then watch them fail at their chaste experience because of pain.

Someone even had to saw their lock off because of discomfort from an ill-fitting cage.

So if you haven’t already found the right cage for you, do some research, take some measurements, invest in a good, sturdy and high-quality cage.

They are expensive, but I believe you will find that the experience of having someone holding the keys for you while you’re securely locked in your cage is an experience you can’t really put a pricetag on.


Second: Hygiene and cleaning

When in a chastity device it is very important to keep yourself clean.

Some cages make the hygiene part easy, and others not so much. If you have one of the more difficult ones it is always a good idea to keep a key yourself for when you need to clean yourself.

The problem here is that the temptation gets too big for some chastity slaves, and it will result in punishment.

I do prefer the easier cages to keep clean, but this is entirely your decision.

Keep in mind that after you surrender your keys to me that even though I control you, I do not take responsibility for any problems that may occur because of an ill-fitting cage or poor hygiene.

You and you alone have the responsibility to make sure everything is in order and is kept clean.


There are a lot of ways to do this, and you can even find videos and elaborate descriptions and suggestions online.

It’s important that you find the method that best suit you and your cage for the best possible cleaning. Daily cleaning is recommended, and a more thorough clean once or twice a week.

Buy yourself a nice antibacterial soap that won’t irritate your privates, some cotton buds and maybe a squirt bottle (one of those with the nice long tip to get into all the tricky places) to make cleaning a little easier.

Remember that the drying after cleaning is just as important as the cleaning itself.

If you don’t dry off properly it will leave moist areas and a perfect place for bacteria to thrive.

I can recommend this link for any further reading.


And Third: Punishment

There are a lot of things that might excite you during your time in chastity. It could be during cleaning, when you go to bed – at any time. You might feel tempted to rub yourself a certain way to maybe get some form of stimuli, maybe a cotton swab seemed a little too tempting during cleaning.

All attempts to touch or get some sort of relief will result in punishment.

Lying also result in punishment, so when I ask you if you’ve been a good boy, you should always tell me the truth.

The punishment will be either physical or financial, depending on what kind of sub you are.

Maybe I’ll even extend your time in chastity..

Keep in mind that I will sometimes combine them.

That’s entirely my decision, so decide for yourself if that cotton swab really is that worth it.

Pricing and Fees


Base price per week: $50. The base price includes one picture of me wearing your key and one check-in per week.


Set-up fee: $30 for one hour of discussing details before starting. One time payment.


Additional fees upon request


Copy of contract: $25 (shipping not included). I will write a nice contract containing all the details and whatever name you give me. I will sign it and include

a handwritten message, and seal the entire thing with a lipstick kiss. Arrives in a wax stamp sealed envelope.


Teasing email: $20. The email contains about 200 words or more where I tease you and your chaste state to make things difficult for you.


Teasing email: $30. The email contains about 200 words or more to tease you while in chastity. I will also include one random picture from one of my



Additional pictures of me wearing the key: $10 per picture. You get to «direct» what the picture should

look like. Lip color, gloss, other jewelry, etc.


I will keep your key in my bra the ENTIRE day, and send a picture of the key print on my skin after removal: $35

(no, this does not mean you will receive a picture of my boobs)



Even though I am your keyholder, and you have paid all your fees and payments, you will still need to pay for my time if you want it.

Being your keyholder does not mean that I have time to spend all day chatting.

If you demand too much time and attention without paying for chat sessions I will reserve my right to increase your rates as compensation.

Keyholding by Mistress Alessandra Vermillon

  1. The keys to your device will be held by your Mistress Alessandra ONLY.
  2. We will agree on an estimated time you will spend in chastity. If you’re new to this one or two weeks might be a good start. If you’re experienced we set the preferred limit higher.
  3. For $12 you may send me an email, pleading your case as to why I should let you have your key back early. Whether or not you actually get your key back is my decision entirely.
  4. We will agree on a safeword that you can use to end your time in chastity, but you will need a good reason and have to be able to back it up.
  5. You will have to prove to me that you are locked into your cage and that all keys to the lock are sent to me.
  6. I do rely on you being completely honest and telling me if you haven’t been a good boy and broken some rules. You should never be afraid to tell me anything.
  7. Punishment, when rules have been broken, are an absolute necessity.
  8. Physical punishment comes in the form of one or more tasks that you have to perform yourself.
  9. I have the right to demand video evidence of any physical punishment.
  10. Remember that part of the fun is maybe being spotted with your device, and that you will not get the same rush and experience if you cheat.
  11. There will be a contract. Nothing too formal, but there will be a contract with all the details and name/nickname written on it.
  12. You might get punished from begging for your keys back early.
  13. You can always extend your time in chastity.
  14. There are weekly or monthly fees to have me as your keyholder.
  15. If you are late with your payments there will be punishment. The punishment will be physical, financial, or in the form of longer time having to be spent in chastity. Or all.
  16. I do not take any responsibilities for any injury, accident or illness that occurs as a result of your time in chastity.
  17. I will keep a key on me as a piece of jewelry most of the time. One key will be safe at home at all times.
  18. I will demand picture evidence to ensure that you are still safely locked in your cage at any time.
  19. Even though I am your keyholder, and you have paid all your fees and payments, you will still need to pay for my time if you want it.
  20. Being your keyholder does not mean that I have time to spend all day chatting.
  21. If you demand too much time and attention without paying for chat sessions I will reserve my right to increase your rates as compensation.
  22. Keep in mind that the key might take a while to get back to you if you live outside of Norway
  23. Keep in mind that mailing things from Norway to other countries is expensive, therefore you will cover all shipping cost yourself.
  24. If you need the key back quickly you will have to pay the fees for overnight shipping.
  25. If you pay for an additional week or month but want to end it a couple days in, you will not get any money back for the days not spent in chastity. This was your choice.
  26. You pay for all shipping


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