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I offer a lot of different kind of services; all of them tailored and personalized to your needs and desires.

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Tasks & Schedules

I will give you tasks you have to do, whether that be something humiliating for you or something that benefits me. The tasks usually go under 'schedules' or 'humiliation', and are often given to slaves.


Take a look at the 'Taxes' section in the menu, or click here to learn more.

Pictures & Videos

The pictures and videos are usually by special request. Whether that be writing of your choice on my feet or chest, if you're into lips and lipstick application, nails scraping against an item of your choice, etc.

No nudity.


Financial domination is something I have done, and do a lot of. I will budget your money and make you pay for my drinks, expenses, shopping sprees, etc. I will also post pictures in 'brag' under 'galleries' in the menu to show off what I've bought with your money.











Short stories

Special Requests



I will give you an experience you're unlikely to forget. But to do this it is important that we set and follow a couple ground rules as blackmail is illegal. Therefore it is important that you give your written consent before we start, and that you are aware of this being a roleplay situation. The money is very real and non-refundable, and I will make it a very real experience for you. Message me for more info.



I do humiliation via chat, on my Instagram story,  on my Snapchat story,  Twitter, and on my Wall of Shame.


Short Stories

Got a strange fetish or something else you want me to write a short story about? Message me the details, and I'll see what I can do.


Special Requests

Please message me about any special requests.



Rates and Prices

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