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13th. Jan. 2019

I've forgotten to update you sooner, but I'm now using my previous backup account as main account for Instagram. My Instagram is now @vermillonalessandra - please follow me :)

28th. Jan. 2019

Yet another fake account has surfaced impersonating me. As many of you know I've had issues with a specific French person on Twitter for months. They used my name and my pictures to scam people. They changed username a couple times before disappearing but has now suddenly resurfaced on Instagram. 

Now I know this is the same person that reported me and got my Instagram deactivated, just so they could try to take my username for themselves. They might have gotten the idea after I took over their previous username on Twitter (alessandraverm). 

Luckily the fake Instagram got deactivated a lot sooner than anticipated

From now on, I will be posting all pictures posted elsewhere here on my website as well, and they will all contain an awkwardly placed watermark. 

PLEASE be on the lookout for profiles containing my pictures and name, send them to me and report them.

I do expect this person to resurface again.



27th. Jan. 2019

Someone decided to report my Instagram account (alessandravermillon) - again, even though my account wasn't violating any terms or conditions. In the meantime, I'm using my backup account (vermillonalessandra) where you can follow me in the meantime until I get this sorted out. I suspect the person harassing me and impersonating me on Twitter could be behind this.



25th. Jan. 2019

I decided to make a confessional for all of your dirty little sins and secrets.

Check out "Confessional" in my top menu!



25th. Nov. 2018

"Online Shop" now available in the top menu! Some options are not yet available, so keep an eye up for those.

There's also a lot of personal items that there's only one of, so be quick before the best ones get sold!



25th. Nov. 2018

New kinky and gender-neutral tax option available! Click here to check it out



11th. Nov. 2018

Due to an increased amount of time wasters lately, I've had to set a new rule to protect my time a little better.

If you want to discuss business (for finsubs: how I'm going to spend your money etc., exposure, blackmail, anything that involves some level of planning and further conversation) you will have to pay for a chat session.

In some cases, a deposit will be necessary to ensure payment for my time in case the client decides to bail before the actual payment (for example blackmail roleplay). You will get back the deposit at the end of our session.

This is all because a lot of fetishists gets off on just the conversation/planning of the actual goal, jerks off or involuntarily cums in their pants during the conversation, and decides to bail before we've even started or agreed upon what is going to happen.



1st. Nov. 2018

I now no longer accept slaves or finsubs under the age of 20.  This is because I am interested in having clients that have some experience and that knows what they want in a Mistress/Sub kind of relationship.




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