Many people use tributes as a kind of financial domination. I don't.

Why? Because it isn't.

If I had used this opportunity to go straight to calling all of you morons, worthless, pathetic and so on, and demand that you transfer money to my account; it wouldn't be a tribute. If you want me to call you a waste of space and demand you to give me your money, you should contact me, and we'll set up a session for you.

A tribute should be a gift (money gift/cash gift), something you do because you, out of your own initiative,

wanted to please me or show me some appreciation.

Whether that is because you're happy with me as a Mistress and want to show some extra appreciation or just a genuine act to please me.

With that said, I will post the higher tributes on a "leaderboard" for all you other pleasers to compete with.


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