About Me

About Me

My name is Alessandra Vermillon,

and I’m a professional financial dominatrix.

Before I tell you a little bit about myself I want to tell you about my story and how I ended up where I am now. This is so that you as a potential client can better understand me as a Findomme.


Until July 2019 I spent the previous two years working with all kinds of fetishes and kinks, offering a vast variety of different services as an Online Mistress.
Life as an online Mistress kind of chose me when I started getting a lot of strange requests while trying to sell used shoes online to make some extra money.
I would be lying if I told you that I had never thought about selling used socks and shoes before or working with different kinds of fetishes as the psychology behind it deeply interest and fascinate me, so I decided to just jump right into it.
The requests quickly got stranger and stranger, and soon I found myself working with a bunch of fetishes and lovely people.
I loved fetishes, and I still do, and I embrace all of them (well, most) – I think it’s an amazing and fascinating part of us humans beings.
I am proud to say that as an Online Mistress I helped a lot of people discover new fetishes and interests, get rid of a lot of toxicity in their life and arranged quite a few liberating experiences.
I truly and wholeheartedly believe that as an Online Mistress I was able to provide a kind of therapy you are not able to get anywhere else than with a serious, strict and caring Mistress.

What happened?

This might make you question why do I not work as an Online Mistress today, and the answer is short and easy: it was simply too much for me as one person to handle.
I spent eight unpaid hours a day answering questions from so many people about every single fetish imaginable. It ended up feeling like a customer support job that I wasn’t getting compensated for.
In addition, I was making photo sets, content, short stories, schedules and plans of many different kinds and sorts, videos, custom pictures, and videos, doing web design, daily Instagram and Twitter posts, answering emails, and so many other time-consuming things.

When you have a full-time job, hobbies and a social life, priorities and spare time is important.
Life is simply too short to waste time.
I decided to keep only to the financial part of this great and vast world of fetishes and kinks.
This to ensure that during the spare time I do have left I’m able to spend focusing on a selected few exclusive clients, as well as being rewarded for my time spent doing so.
I like building relationships with my clients to make long-term solutions work better for both of us.
It is also a great way to ensure that you get a lot of personally tailored experiences you’re unlikely to forget.

And this is where we’re at today

As of 2020 I am looking for mainly, and strictly, financial submissives. I am looking for serious finsubs who has experience with their fetish/kink and knows what they want.
I am looking for finsubs who recognize, understand and acknowledge what it means to be a financial submissive, and how to behave in a Findomme/finsub relationship.
I am looking for finsubs with a steady income who is able to compensate me for my time.
I am an experienced financial dominatrix, and I know what is expected of the parties involved.
I know what it means to be a Findomme and what it means to be a finsub. Therefore I also know what it isn't and shouldn't be.

I can easily tell a serious and dedicated finsub from a fake one, and you should be able to do the same with a Findomme as well.

I can be kind and caring because that is how I am as a person. I care about my clients and their wellbeing, and I want you to have a most comfortable and thrilling experience when working with me.
Therefore it is of extreme and utmost importance to me that we have a paid chat session, or several, where we agree on details, do’s and don’t’s, limits of various kinds, etc.
I care about all my clients, and I will never overstep any boundaries, will that be financial or anything else, but I will test the said boundaries if the setting is right or if we have a specific agreement.
I respect you and your kinks and fetishes as long as you respect me back. That is a guarantee.
It is important for me that I can trust you, and that you know you can trust me.
Therefore I am mostly looking for frequent or long term clients who will be willing to sign an agreement to ensure that you can trust me to keep your boundaries, that I will not expose you and vice versa, limits and details of our arrangement and so on.

But please, do not think this means that I'm unable to be ruthless or a stone-cold bitch. I've been working with punishments, findom, other kinds of domination and a ton of other fetishes for a few years.
I have sent people to the hospital after online CBT sessions.
I have drained accounts, I know how to properly ignore you or play on your emotions - should that be what you wish. I have scared people away and then watched them crawl back begging me to use and abuse them even further.
I know that taking your money in a findom session of any sort isn't just about taking it "because you like having your money taken from you".
It's about taking your money the right way. Analyzing you as a person, using the right words, persuade you the right way, understanding what you want, combining it with other fetishes and kinks, and so on.
I put a lot of time and effort into my work because I genuinely love creating memorable experiences for people.

And there you have me. How I got here, why I’m here, how I work, and what I want.
Do with the information as you please, but if you plan on contacting me, I hope you’ve read it all.

Please check out the page testimonials to hear what other slaves and clients have to say about me and my services!

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