Slave Application

Finsub  Application

So you want to become one of my financial submissives?

To be accepted and potentially earning the privilege of becoming so, you have to fill out the form below.

But before you fill out the form and apply to become a part of my daily life, I expect you to have read the information in the 'About Me' section, and 'Findom and Finsubs' as well as it is important that you understand all the terms. If it becomes clear that you haven't read what I told you to, you will be dismissed.


Please be as honest as you can when filling out the form, but you choose whatever name you want to use.

Please do not write down answers you think I might want to hear just to try to impress me - I don't care about what you do for work ect., but I need the information to get a sense of the person I'm reviewing.

And please, please, please, don't kiss ass through this application to try to convince you to accept you. Ass-kissing will be dismissed. Give me your honest opinion instead.


Good luck!

Yes, Mistress. I'd never lie to you
I promise

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