Findom & Finsubs

Financial Domination

An Introduction

Are you one of those people that don't understand or like the concept of financial domination, or think that financial dommes are lazy women sitting on their lazy asses, tricking stupid men into emptying their wallets?

Then please leave right now - or stay and educate yourself. Your choice.

Findom is very real, and it's not about lazy, spoiled and bratty girls demanding money and gifts from stupid men online, even though those girls exist in a vast abundance.

We'll get back to that later.

Financial domination is a fetish, just like any other, and it's all about understanding it and treating it for what it is.

Findom is all about submission, domination, control, and power.

Without submission and domination it wouldn't be financial domination, right?

It wouldn't be a transaction of power. It would just be a gift, a tribute.

Something you did out of the kindness of your own heart because you wanted to.

And this is where a lot of people misunderstand the concept.

Findom is about power.

You submit to me, you giving me control of your finances - willingly.

It's about submission, interaction, respect, trust. Actual time and work.

An Instagram profile where the bio consists of only a PayPal link and the words 'empty your wallet you worthless pig', without any further interaction, is not financial domination.

I am not coming after anyone, but that is just self-entitled girls that think it's okay to be obnoxious and disrespectful to people and believe that it will make them money without having to lift a finger. In most cases.

I'm just pointing out that a lot of people have missed the concept.

And that is not necessarily what everyone is seeking. But if you are; please ignore me.

Because of these reasons a good, professional findomme/cash Mistress is not too easy to come by.

A Mistress that doesn't just leave you with a rude remark and a link for where you can empty your wallet.

A dedicated Mistress that understands the concept of actual financial domination.

A Mistress that makes you submit completely and that understands and respects your fetish.

A Mistress that leaves you satisfied and wanting to spend even more.

I truly think that gifts/tributes are something that has to be by your initiative only.

If that is because you're happy with my services, out of respect, appreciation, as a thank you, or just because you felt like making me happy, etc. That's what a gift/tribute is.

And they are all highly, highly appreciated, each and every one of them, so please, keep them coming. But please, do not think that tributes and gifts will earn you any kind of special rights.

If you think I might be the right Cash Mistress for you and you want to become my finsub, please keep on reading, and send an application in the 'form' below.

Findom: a buffet of options




This one is kind of self-explanatory. A Human ATM is a person that functions as an ATM.

I will withdraw money from the Human ATM whenever I need a withdrawal to go shopping or do other things.



This finsub will be in charge of one or more monthly expenses. Pay parts of, or the entire rent, phone bill, internet bill, the electric bill, Netflix, Spotify, etc.



I will let you pay for whatever personal expense I may have.

Hair, nails, clothes, groceries, drinks, dinner dates (with friends or a man, whatever you're into paying for), paying for a female friend's expenses, paying for my female friend's drinks, money for travel, shopping sprees, etc.



The personal shopper follows me around in malls and stores and pays for all the things my heart desires and carries the bags. A kind of slave.

Only for high-trust slaves and finsubs.



This one is both several options or none. It depends on the person.

Let's say you love nails and findom - I might let you pay for them.

Do you like the thought of me going out on a date while paying you no attention at all, while I use your money to pay for it? - I might let you do just that.

Like the smell of laundry? I'll let you pay for my fabric softener.

There are absolutely endless options when it comes to mixing other kinks and fetishes with findom.


CASHPOINT MEETS (Norway Only (exceptions may occur when traveling))

Cashpoint meets is an option for high-trust slaves and finsubs in Norway, where we meet in a public place and I either accompany you to the nearest ATM and have you withdraw an amount of cash that you immediately hand over to me, or you can hand over a pre-filled envelope upon meeting.

The shopping assistant is also a kind of cashpoint meet.

I also use cashpoint meets for a gift exchange.

Bring a gift alongside the envelope or in addition to the ATM cash withdrawal, and I might let you buy me a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

This does not classify as a date of any kind, and I will specify that I can leave whenever I want to, whether that be after an hour or ten minutes.

Do you think I'm the right mistress for you, and you want to apply to become my Finsub or Slave?

Click the link below and fill out the form. It should only take a couple of minutes.

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