The Tax Office

About the Tax Office

Hello, and welcome to the Tax Office of Alessandra Vermillon!


"A tax is  a mandatory financial charge that is imposed upon a taxpayer by a governmental organization in order to fund various public expenditures."


Here in the world of Mistress Alessandra, we do things a little bit differently as you get to choose which tax you want to pay, and how many. Neither am I a governmental organization, and the tax money doesn't fund any public expenditures. The only people this benefit is you and me, and my personal expenses.


So here's a little something for all the good boys out there who likes paying their taxes!


Choose one or more taxes you'd like to pay, send me an email with chosen tax(es) and measurements or numbers in the message field to pay up.

If you want your name and measurement put on the Wall of Shame for everyone to see, include your name as well.

All numbers on the Birthday Tax are randomly generated and placed.

All measurements vs. tax is based on surveys and documents found online.


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